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Why Vegan… June 12, 2011

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About a year ago (Spring 2010) my husband and I decided to go vegan. He had been vegetarian for over a decade while I was only one for three years prior.

Why did we do it?

Well he had always disliked eating meat. He remembers having to always eat what was on his plate. He did not like the texture, smell and feeling of it in his mouth.  When he objected he ended up eating it cold because he was not allowed to get up from the table. Once he went off to college he stopped eating it all together.

I am not so lucky. I love the taste and smell of it. I love food in general. I grew up eating Mexican food because I’m Mexican 😉 We eat all sorts of interesting meats. I won’t get into it but let’s just say our cuisine uses every part…and I mean EVERY PART of the animal.

So…it took me longer to go vegetarian.  I did it gradually. Letting go of red meats, then white meat, after that…only eating salmon once a week. Eventually, I was down to only dairy; eggs and cheese.

Soon after I started a blog with a friend about going green and how our food industry and modern life is making us sick. I came across two movies that changed my life; Earthlings and Foods That Kill. I realized that the idea I had about our food system was false…. I had been in denial. You see…I had visited my grandmother’s farm when I was little. She had chickens, goats, pigs and cows. When she made us chicken soup she actually would would ask us which chicken we wanted. I grew up thinking that that was the way things were or at least that’s what I told myself but it tasted so good!

We had to go cold turkey on dairy because we knew it was going to be way too hard to give it up gradually. We were going through a large brick of Tillamook’s Sharp Cheddar about every week!

I feel so much better about my diet, body, mind and spirit. It’s been a long hard journey andyet so worth it. We’ve learned so much and would like to share it for people that are considering going vegan or just exploring the possibility.

I think it helps to see what other vegans are eating as well as what they are dealing with on a daily basis.

My husband Daniel and I would like to welcome you to our vegan journey and all the ups and downs that go with it. Just remember that for whatever reason you are choosing this path, it will benefit, your body, mind, soul and the world.

Good Luck!